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The Meditation Revolution

Flavio, with over 20 years of immersion in meditation research, is the visionary behind the 3Paradoxes Leadership program. He taps into the profound legacy of Indo-Tibetan and Himalayan spiritual traditions. Here, the concept of "meditation" extends well beyond the familiar Western notions of mindfulness or compassion. It encompasses a broad spectrum of intricate, multi-sensory psychophysical exercises. These exercises, a synthesis of traditional Indian Buddhist practices and native Tibetan techniques, often dazzle with their aesthetic innovation, physical dynamism, and community engagement. This stands in stark contrast to the more static, calming, and isolated meditation practices prevalent in the West.

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From Mindfulness to Leadership Meditation

At 3Paradoxes Consulting, we harness the power of meditation, grounded in ancient Buddhist philosophy, as a transformative force for leadership in today's complex world. Our programs offer a deep dive into meditation, not just for peace, but as a catalyst for personal and global innovation, resilience, and insightful leadership. By embracing and navigating paradoxes, we guide you towards becoming a forward-thinking leader, turning modern challenges into opportunities for growth and excellence.


Join us to explore how ancient practices can illuminate your path to leadership brilliance and drive meaningful change.

At 3Paradoxes, we recover the fundamental function of meditation


Navigating the paradox between the ever-present flux of life and the human need for stability and constancy. This insight positions meditation not just as an stress-reduction tool but as a profound "technology of self-transformation" that offers a broad range of techniques for productively handling the paradoxes marking our present age.



Meditation to Move From Paradox to Leadership





Dive into the Vast Ocean of
Meditation Practices

Lukhang Murals in the Lukhang Temple, Lhasa (Tibet); 17th century


Embrace the 3Paradoxes Method

Join us in this journey of transformation, where meditation becomes a powerful catalyst for leadership development, creativity, and personal growth in the face of a rapidly changing world.

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